Liddell Power Station Fly Ash Dredging

Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Maintenance


AGL Macquarie


Muswellbrook, NSW

Fly Ash Dredging at Liddell Power Station

Overview of Project

Dredging of 2.5 million cubic metres of fly ash at the Liddell Power Station, at Muswellbrook, NSW.

Scope of Works

AGL Macquarie engaged Neumann Dredging to dredge fly ash from a temporary storage facility to a permanent storage location at the Liddell Power Station.

Neumann Equipment designed and built 450mm cutter suction dredge, the Nu Bounty was used for the project in conjunction with a 2,000 hp, Neumann Equipment built, 450mm booster station working 7 days per week.

The fly ash was pumped a maximum distance of 2.8km through a 630mm polyethylene pipeline and discharged at various locations along the pipeline’s path utilising a system valve tap-sets. This enabled the fly ash to be evenly distributed evenly over the large deposition site.

A smaller Neumann Equipment built 300mm booster pump was used to pump the supernatant water from the slurry back into the dredge pond for re-use.


Project is ongoing and on target for contractual completion date.

Liddell Power Station Fly Ash Dredging Project Image Gallery

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