Innovative Dredging Equipment for Efficient Operations!

Custom Designed Dredges and Equipment

Neumann Contractors’  developed their first dredge in the late 1950s for mineral sand recovery, and since then, the company has designed and manufactured dredges for various inshore dredging projects.  As a result of the successful operation of our own modern and well-maintained dredging fleet, we have developed significant dredge operation skills as a dredging contractor.

Today the company has manufactured a fleet of cutter suction dredges with varying capacities.  Neumann dredges are high technology cutting and recovery machines and have a reputation for performance in specific contracts for infrastructure, mining and reclamation works. 

Broadwater Parklands
Port Botany

Demountable and Cost Effective

The new generation of Neumann dredges is de-mountable and can be cost-effectively transported to remote sites worldwide.  Neumann Dredging has designed & manufactured many dredges for overseas countries, e.g. Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, India and Jordan.

These dredges can remove sand, gravels, clays, coral, slimes, weathered rock, and mine tailings.  In harbour and river works, where the cutter suction dredge might encounter a variety of natural and dumped materials, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.  Neumann’s extensive dredging experience makes our dredges highly suited for various material types often encountered in flood prevention and environmental rehabilitation works.

Land Based Booster Pumps

Booster Pump

Neumann Contractors currently has a range of pumps to suit various applications. These pumps range in size from 375 Hp to 2000 Hp.

All pumps have been sound conditioned to levels that comply with EPA noise criteria.

Pumps can either be pontoon mounted or land-based.

Floating Booster Pumps

Booster Pump on Pontoon

Neumann Contractors currently has several booster stations capable of working with any of the dredges. These boosters range in size from 375 Hp to 2000 Hp.

All boosters have been sound conditioned to levels that comply with EPA noise level criteria.

Boosters can either be pontoon mounted or land-based. Telemetry communications enable monitoring and control from the dredge operator’s console.



Neumann Contractors has a range of support vessels and work boats in 2C, 2D and 2E Marine Survey.


Anchor Barge

Neumann Contractors have various lifting and fuelling barges available to service project requirements.

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