Mining Dredging Projects

Cadia Gold Mine

Tailings Dredging

The Dredging of the process water pond at Cadia Gold Mine in Orange N.S.W. was undertaken by Neumann Dredging for Newcrest Mining Ltd.

Ernest Henry Mine

Tailings Dredging

Neumann Dredging was commissioned by Ernest Henry Mining to remine tailings from the Tailings Storage Facility to recover magnetite.

Moura Mine

Tailings Dredging

Neumann Dredging's Nu-Endeavour was chosen to reclaim coal tailings, lost in earlier operations, from the Moura 2C pit.

Penrith Lakes

Reclamation Works

The project involved dredging of 1,300,000m3 of sand, silts and clays from a tailings storage facility to a reclamation site 4.4 km away.

Superior Coal

Tailings Dredging

Neumann Dredging carried out the dredging works to clear a pond 150 x 650 meters long of coal tailings that washed in over several years.

Corridor Sands

Resource Dredging

Corridor Sands pride themselves on supplying premium quality sands, excellent customer service and fast, efficient loading.

Caval Ridge

Tailings Dredging

Neumann dredging were contracted by BMA to remove 475,00m3 of mud from the open cut coal mine as part of preparation for reopening the pit. 

Ok Tedi

Tailings Dredging

Dredge Nu Explorer was specifically built to enable simple and cost effective transport to the most remote locations.

Monreagh Dam

Tailings Dredging

The Monreagh Mine project involves the removal the sediment from the tailings pond with our 250mm cutter suction dredge the Nu Discovery.

Bellinger River Dredging

Resource Dredging

Dredging of coarse River Sand from the Bellinger River is Coffs Harbour for HQ Sands

Fly Ash Dredging

Tailings Dredging

Dredging of 2.5 million cubic metres of fly ash at the Liddell Power Station, at Muswellbrook, NSW.

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