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Civil Construction

Civil Construction Expertise at Neumann Contractors

At Neumann Contractors, we have a rich history of involvement in a wide range of civil construction projects, with budgets spanning from $500,000 to an impressive $40 million.  Our seasoned management and engineering team collaborates intimately with clients, guiding projects from the initial design phase through to successful completion.

We pride ourselves on adding significant value to every project.  Our approach is anchored in cost-effectiveness and innovation, ensuring the optimal use of resources.  Neumann Contractors offers a breadth of expertise in various services, including:

  • Reclamation Works: Efficiently transforming and repurposing land.
  • Bulk Earthworks: Handling large-scale excavation, filling, and levelling.
  • Road and Bridge Construction: Building vital transport infrastructure.
  • Site Developments: Preparing and developing sites for construction.
  • Canal Development: Expertise in waterway construction and maintenance.
  • Environmental Management: Implementing sustainable practices and solutions.
  • Site Rehabilitation: Restoring sites for ecological balance and use.
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Management: Specialised handling of challenging soil conditions.
Our commitment to excellence in civil construction is evident in every project we undertake, making Neumann Contractors a trusted name in the industry.
Mount Lindsey highway
Wynumn Road Widening

Featured Civil Construction Projects

Kingscoast Estate Project

Resource Mining,
Hydraulic Sand Transfer,
Civil Works.

The project was to hydraulically place 370,000 m3 of sand to raise the surface level of the Kingscoast Estate by 3 metres. The team dredged the sand from an adjacent sand quarry by the Nu Bounty, a 450mm bucketwheel cutter suction dredge combined with a 500mm, 2,000 hp booster pump. The slurry was pumped distances up to 2,000m through a 560mm poly pipeline to the estate. We achieved considerable savings and advantages over traditional methods.

Gold Coast Convention Centre

River and Waterways Dredging,
Land Reclamation,
Capital Works,
Civil Works.

Neumann Contractors was awarded the civil works contract for the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre project. The relocation of the major waterway, essential services and environmental issues presented some demanding challenges. This project brought its unique complexities as it involved several different concurrent tasks. Neumann Contractors acknowledge the civil work challenges were managed successfully due to the team approach with the builders and consulting engineers.

Chinderah Bypass Project

Hydraulic Sand Transfer,
Resource Dredging,
Sand Mining,
Civil Works.

It takes time to adapt to new regulations and methodologies; however, the Chinderah Bypass contract saw Neumann Contractors placed in a situation that required experience that was yet to be gained. No precedence had been set, so a sharp learning curve was essential for the successful completion of the project. The Chinderah Bypass was a technically complex project that required a combination of best management practices and the conception of new industry practices to achieve the desired end.

Kawana Waters

Civil Works,
Capital Works,
Hydraulic Sand Transfer.

Kawana Waters was a significant development on the Sunshine Coast extending from north of Caloundra to south of Mooloolaba. The development includes a 2.5-kilometre recreational lake, two bridges, a navigable channel connected to the Mooloolah River, a lock and weir system, five kilometres of sub-arterial roads, numerous sub-divisional roads, approximately 1200 residential lots and a significant salinity rising main system. In addition to the work conducted for Lensworth, further work for Caloundra Council was completed in several soccer fields near the Lake.

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