Tailings Dredging

Tailings Dredging by Neumann Dredging: Advanced Solutions for Mining Applications

Neumann Dredging, with over 60 years of expertise in dredging for mining applications, offers specialised tailings dredging services.  Beginning in the late 1950s with our first dredge designed for mineral sand mining, we have since developed a deep understanding and proficiency in tailings dredging, an essential component of modern mining operations.

Our fleet comprises high-technology cutter suction dredges, which are adept at both cutting and recovery processes.  These dredges have garnered a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding performance and reliability, particularly in the demanding environments of capital work marine dredging, mining, and resource dredging.

Key aspects of our tailings dredging services include:

  • Safe and Efficient Tailings Management: Dredging provides a safe and cost-effective method for relocating or reprocessing tailings, the by-products of mining operations.  This process is crucial for both environmental management and resource recovery.
  • Highly Mobile and Versatile Equipment: Our dredges are de-mountable, allowing them to be cost-effectively transported to remote mining sites around Australia and overseas.  This flexibility is essential for mining operations located in less accessible areas.
  • Environmental Compliance and Sustainability: We are committed to conducting our tailings dredging operations in an environmentally responsible manner.  Our approach ensures compliance with all relevant environmental regulations, minimising the ecological impact of mining activities.
  • Customised Dredging Solutions: Recognising that each mining project has unique requirements, we tailor our tailings dredging services to meet the specific needs of each operation.  Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop and implement effective dredging strategies.

Tailings dredging is more than just a technical operation; it plays a crucial role in the sustainability and environmental stewardship of mining activities.  By effectively managing tailings, we help minimise the environmental footprint of mining operations and aid in the recovery of valuable minerals.

Neumann Dredging’s expertise in tailings dredging makes us a preferred partner for mining companies seeking reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious dredging services.  Our advanced technology, coupled with our extensive experience, ensures that we deliver superior tailings dredging solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental care.

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