Capital Works Dredging Projects

Gold Coast Convention Centre

River and Waterways Dredging,
Land Reclamation,
Capital Works,
Civil Works.

Neumann’s were awarded the civil works contract, for the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre project, where the relocation of the major waterway, essential services and environmental issues presented some demanding challenges. This project brought its own unique complexities as it involved several different concurrent tasks.

Port Botany Container Terminal

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbours,
Navigation Channel Maintenance.

Port Botany Container Terminal Expansion was a major infrastructure project for the Sydney Port Corporation on the North Eastern end of Botany Bay, South Sydney N.S.W. The project was for the expansion of the existing container port terminal and involved capital dredging and land reclamation. Neumann Dredging employed their 450mm dredge NuBounty and 250mm dredge Nu Enterprise.

GPC – Tug Berth & Channel Dredging

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbours,
Rivers and Waterways,
Navigational Channel Maintenance.

The scope included the dredging of approximately 300,000 m3 from the Gladstone Harbour to clear material for a new tug berth area. The dredging of material of very hard clays, cobbles, gravel and a very coarse river sands from the tug berth area. The material was pumped 1200 meters through a 400mm pipe and a booster pump to a stockpile area.

Port Kembla Tug Berth Dredging

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbour,
Navigational Channel Maintenance.

Neumann Dredging were engaged as dredging contractors for McConnell Dowell for the dredging works to construct a new tug boat berthing area for Port Kembla. The new tug berth area is to protect the tugs from extreme weather conditions by the means of extended break water out into the existing harbour.

Kinross Business Park Stage 9

Resource Dredging,
Sand Dredging.

Kinross Industrial Estate required the importation of 40,000m3 of sand from a stockpile located on the other side of a major road. Previous stages were filled by conventional construction equipment with sand sourced from the other side of Masonite Road. The aim of this project was to use dredging techniques to transport the sand without the significant inconvenience to local road uses of construction traffic crossing the Road.

Kingscoast Estate Project

Resource Mining,
Hydraulic Sand Transfer.

The project was to hydraulically place 370,000 m3 of sand to raise the surface level of the Kingscoast Estate by 3 metres. The sand was dredged from an adjacent sand quarry by the Nu Bounty, a 450mm bucketwheel cutter suction dredge in combination with a 500mm, 2,000 hp booster pump. The slurry was pumped distances up to 2,000m through a 560mm poly pipeline to the estate. Considerable savings and advantages were achieved over traditional methods.

Sydney Water Desalination Project

Capital Works Dredging,
Ports and Harbour,
River and Waterways Dredging.

Dredging works associated with the Botany Bay pipeline crossing, which was part of the construction of Sydney’s DeSal plant at Kurnell, Southern Sydney. When completed water from the desalination plant will be piped to the City Water Tunnel at Erskineville. This is part of the Potts Hill Water system, which services areas south of Sydney Harbour, to Bankstown in the west and Sutherland in the south.

Chinderah Bypass Project

Hydraulic Sand Transfer,
Resource Dredging,
Sand Mining.

It takes time to adapt to new regulations and methodologies; however the Chinderah Bypass contract saw Neumann Contractors placed in a situation that required experience that was yet to be gained. No precedence had been set so a sharp learning curve was essential. The Chinderah Bypass was a technically complex project that required a combination of best management practice and the conception of new industry practises to achieve the desired end.

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