Neumann Dredging has over 60 years of experience in marine contract dredging and dredging in mining applications. Neumann Dredging built the first dredge in the late 1950s for mineral sand mining.

These dredges are high technology cutting and recovery machines with a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability in capital work marine dredging and mining and resource dredging.

The dredges are de-mountable and can be cost-effectively transported to remote sites around Australia and overseas. In addition, dredging has proven to be a safe and cost-effective method for relocating or reprocessing tailings.

Operational expertise built on contract dredging experience enables us to improve our equipment constantly. This culture of innovation gives us the edge as dredging contractors of choice.


View our fleet of dredges, starting from our small portable dredges up to our most significant.

Dredging Equipment

Neumann Dredging has a range of support vessels and works boats at our disposal.

Recent Capital Works Dredging Projects

Sydney Water Desalination Project

Capital Works Dredging,
Ports and Harbour,
River and Waterways Dredging.

Dredging works associated with the Botany Bay pipeline crossing, which was part of the construction of Sydney’s DeSal plant at Kurnell, Southern Sydney. When completed water from the desalination plant will be piped to the City Water Tunnel at Erskineville. This is part of the Potts Hill Water system, which services areas south of Sydney Harbour, to Bankstown in the west and Sutherland in the south.

Kingscoast Estate Project

Resource Mining,
Hydraulic Sand Transfer,
Civil Works.

The project was to hydraulically place 370,000 m3 of sand to raise the surface level of the Kingscoast Estate by 3 metres. The team dredged the sand from an adjacent sand quarry by the Nu Bounty, a 450mm bucketwheel cutter suction dredge combined with a 500mm, 2,000 hp booster pump. The slurry was pumped distances up to 2,000m through a 560mm poly pipeline to the estate. We achieved considerable savings and advantages over traditional methods.

Gold Coast Convention Centre

River and Waterways Dredging,
Land Reclamation,
Capital Works,
Civil Works.

Neumann Contractors was awarded the civil works contract for the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre project. The relocation of the major waterway, essential services and environmental issues presented some demanding challenges. This project brought its unique complexities as it involved several different concurrent tasks. Neumann Contractors acknowledge the civil work challenges were managed successfully due to the team approach with the builders and consulting engineers.

Port Botany Container Terminal

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbours,
Navigation Channel Maintenance.

Port Botany Container Terminal Expansion was a major infrastructure project for the Sydney Port Corporation on the North Eastern end of Botany Bay, South Sydney N.S.W. The project was for the expansion of the existing container port terminal and involved capital dredging and land reclamation. Neumann Dredging employed their 450mm dredge NuBounty and 250mm dredge Nu Enterprise.

Recent Channel Maintenance Dredging Projects

South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging

Navigational Channel Maintenance,
River and Waterways,
Coastal Protection/Beach Nourishment

This project aims to return the North, South and South Wave Break Island (NSWI) navigation channels in the Southern Broadwater to their minimum safe design depths by removing identified shoaling. Dredged sand will be used to mitigate severe erosion on the northern Wave Break Island rock wall and eastern beach as well as on the Spit ‘Finger’.

Broadwater Parklands

Nav. Channel Maintenance,
River and Waterways Dredging,
Reclamation Works,
Beach Nourishment.

The Gold Coast City Council and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority engaged Neumann Dredging to undertake reclamation works required for the Broadwater Parklands Stage 3. The team dredged clean sand from nearby navigational channels in the Gold Coast Broadwater for the Reclamation Works. We used the cutter suction dredges Nu Enterprise and Nu Compact for this dredging project.

Townsville Marine Project

Ports and Harbours,
Rivers and Waterways.

Stage 1 of the Townsville Marine Precinct was an$88 million dollar extension of the Port of Townsville, designed to establish a world class facility for marine related industries. This was a design and construct project completed as an alliance with the Port of Townsville Limited and Laing O’Rourke (LORAC).

Lake Illawarra Channel Entrance Dredging

Navigational Channel Maintenance,
River and Waterways,
Coastal Protection/Beach Nourishment.

The Lake Illawarra project involved dredging the channel entrance to create a 1050m long x 100m wide channel. Sand dredged from the entrance was used for beach nourishment at the southern end of Warilla beach, 1.5 km away. Additionally, a sand island was to be created as a roosting area for local and migratory birdlife.

Recent Mining/Tailings Dredging Projects

Liddell Power Station Fly Ash Dredging

Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Maintenance

AGL Macquarie engaged Neumann Contractors to dredge fly ash from a temporary storage facility to a permanent storage location at the Liddell Power Station. Neumann Contractors designed and built 450mm cutter suction dredge the Nu Bounty for the project in conjunction with a 2,000 hp, Neumann built, 450mm booster station working 7 days per week.

Bellinger River Resource Dredging

Resource Dredging,
Sand Mining,
River and Waterways.

Coarse river sand from mined from the Bellinger River waterways in Coffs Harbour for HQ Sands using the Nu Discovery Cutter Suction Dredge. The Neumann Equipment built Nu Discovery cutter suction dredge pumped the sand approximately 1km and discharged it directly to the processing plant at their facility in Repton.

Ernest Henry Mine Tailings Dredging

Tailings Removal/Transfer,
Tailings Reprocessing,

Ernest Henry Mining commissioned our 300mm CSD Nu Compact to reprocess/remine the tailings from the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) to recover magnetite. The Nu Compact pumped the reclaimed tailings via a 1000 metre long HDPE pipeline directly into a processing circuit in which the magnetite was concentrated. The dredge operated on a 24/ basis while maintaining a consistent feed density to the processing plant.

Cadia Gold Mine Tailings Dredging

Mud/Silt/Sediment Removal / Relocation,
Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Maintenance.

Newcrest Mining Ltd contracted Neumann Dredging to dredge the process water pond at Cadia Gold Mine in Orange, N.S.W. The dredge used for the project was the Nu Investigator cutter suction dredge. The dredge was fitted with high-pressure water jets to loosen the material.

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