Port Kembla Tug Berth Dredging

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Port Kembla Port Corporation


Port Kembla, New South Wales

Tug Berth Dredging at Port Kembla

Overview of Project

Neumann Dredging were engaged as dredging contractors for McConnell Dowell for the dredging works to construct a new tug boat berthing area for Port Kembla. The new tug berth area is to protect the tugs from extreme weather conditions by the means of extended break water out into the existing harbour.  Approximately 30,000 cubic meters of stiff clays and a high percentage of rocks and gravel were pumped into the deposition area at the southern end of the harbour. The deposition area required capping layer over contaminated material.

Scope of Works

  • Mobilise to site the 18” Neumann Dredge Nu Bounty, a Spreader Barge, 1,450 m of pipe line and associated equipment
  • Dredge 30,000cubic meters of material
  • Dredging depth of-7.0 meters with a dredging tolerance of – 200mm / 0 above  and ‑8.0 metre trench for a break water
  • Deposition area to be filled to a tolerance with a capping layer over contaminated materials.


  • Material type stiff clay, gravels  and rocks throughout dredge cut area
  • Strict dredging tolerances
  • Environmental limitations [turbidity]
  • Weather and sea state conditions.


Despite the difficult material type and operating conditions, the dredging works were completed to tolerance and without any environmental issues.


Port Kembla Tug Berth Dredging Project Image Gallery

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