Bellinger River Resource Dredging

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High Quality (HQ) Sands


Coffs Harbour

Bellinger River Dredging in Coffs Harbour

Overview of Project

The Project involved the dredging coarse river sand, clean sand, silts & sediments from the Bellinger River in Coffs Harbour.

Scope of Works

HQ Sands engaged Neumann Dredging to dredge coarse River sand from the Bellinger River.  The sand was pumped approximately 1km and discharged directly to the processing plant at their facility in Repton.

We used the Nu Discovery, a Neumann Dredging designed and built 250mm cutter suction dredge to dredge and pump the sand for the project in conjunction with a 700 hp floating booster station to achieve the required pumping distance.

The Nu Discovery Cutter Suction Dredge has successfully removed sand, slimes, and mine tailings.

In harbour and river works, where we might encounter a variety of natural and dumped materials, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.

Neumann’s extensive dredging experience makes our dredges suitable for various material types often encountered in flood prevention and environmental rehabilitation works.

This unit is transportable in 2 x 40’ open top shipping containers to provide cost-effective mobilisation logistics when dismantled.


Bellinger River Resource Dredging Project Image Gallery

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