Bottom Ash Dredging

Bottom Ash Dredging Solutions by Neumann Dredging

Neumann Dredging offers specialised bottom ash dredging services, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for the removal of settled ash from coal ash storage ponds at power stations.  Our approach is tailored to manage the removal process effectively, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maximising operational efficiency.

A prime example of our capabilities is the project undertaken for AGL Macquarie.  Neumann Contractors was engaged to transfer coarse bottom ash (Clinker) from a temporary storage facility to a permanent location at the Liddell Power Station.  This complex dredging operation involved pumping 130,000 cubic metres of bottom ash over a distance of 650 metres with an elevation change of 20 metres, demonstrating our ability to handle challenging logistics and substantial volumes.

Our bottom ash dredging services are not just about removal; they are about strategic relocation and sustainable management of industrial by-products.  We use advanced dredging techniques and equipment to ensure that each project is conducted with the highest standards of safety and environmental care.

Choose Neumann Dredging for your bottom ash dredging needs and benefit from our expertise in handling large-scale, environmentally sensitive dredging projects.

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