Dredge Hire

Dredge Hire Services by Neumann Dredging: Premium Equipment for Optimal Results

Neumann Dredging offers an extensive selection of cutter suction dredges for hire, catering to a diverse range of dredging needs across various industries.  Our fleet of dredges is recognised for their advanced technology, efficiency, and reliability, making them ideal for projects in capital work marine dredging, mining, and resource dredging.

Our cutter suction dredges are distinguished by their high-tech cutting and recovery capabilities.  They have earned a reputation for excellent performance and dependability in both marine and mining environments.  This makes them suitable for a variety of projects, from large-scale capital works in marine settings to intricate resource dredging operations.

A key feature of our dredges is their de-mountable design.  This innovative feature allows for cost-effective and efficient transport to remote sites, not only in Australia but also internationally.  This flexibility is crucial for projects in remote or difficult-to-access areas, ensuring that high-quality dredging equipment is available where and when it’s needed.

In addition to their versatility, our dredges have proven to be a safe and cost-effective solution for relocating or reprocessing tailings.  This capability is particularly valuable in mining operations where environmental considerations are paramount.  It provides an effective method for managing waste materials, and reducing environmental impact while optimizing resource recovery.

By choosing Neumann Dredging’s dredge hire services, clients gain access to top-tier dredging equipment backed by over 60 years of industry expertise.  Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every project achieves the best possible outcomes with equipment that meets the highest standards of performance and environmental compliance.

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