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Dredging and Dredge Manufacture by Neumann Dredging: Decades of Excellence in Dredging Solutions

With over 60 years of experience, Neumann Dredging stands as a significant authority in the field of marine contract dredging and dredging for mining applications.  Our journey in this specialized sector began in the late 1950s with the construction of our inaugural dredge, specifically designed for mineral sand mining.  This long-standing history underscores our depth of knowledge and expertise in dredging technology and operations.

At the core of our services are our dredges, which represent the pinnacle of high-technology cutting and recovery machinery.  These dredges have been meticulously designed and built to address the complex demands of capital work marine dredging, mining operations, and resource dredging.  They are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.

Our dredges are equipped with advanced technology, making them highly efficient in various dredging applications.  Whether it’s deepening shipping channels, creating new harbours, extracting minerals, or undertaking environmental clean-up operations, our equipment is capable of handling diverse dredging tasks with precision and efficiency.

The reliability and performance of our dredges have earned us a well-deserved reputation in the industry.  We have successfully deployed our technology in numerous projects, consistently delivering results that meet and exceed client expectations.  Our dredges are not only powerful and effective but also designed with an eye on environmental sustainability, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

Neumann Dredging’s commitment to excellence in dredging and dredge manufacture is evident in every project we undertake.  Our rich history, combined with our ongoing dedication to innovation and quality, positions us as a leader in providing top-tier dredging solutions.  Trust Neumann Dredging for your dredging needs and experience the benefits of working with a seasoned industry leader.

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