Broadwater Parklands – Dredging & Reclamation

Maintenance Dredging

- Channel Maintenance


Gold Coast Waterways Authority & Gold Coast City Council


Gold Coast

Broadwater Parklands - Channel Maintenance Dredging & Reclamation Works

Neumann Dredging were engaged by the Gold Coast City Council and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority to complete the dredging and reclamation works for the Broadwater Parklands Stage 3.

The  Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 is a continuation the master plan vision for the Broadwater Parklands, with the reclamation of additional land to the north of Gold Coast Aquatic Centre at Southport.

The dredging works involved the maintenance dredging of approximately 100,000m3 from the Labrador Channel, Ray Newlyn Channel, Howards Access Channel, Loders Creek and basin area.

The reclamation works involved the placement of approximately 100,000m3 of sand to reclaim almost 3ha of land to be used in the  Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 area.


  • Maintaining safe navigational access for all boating traffic in this very popular and busy recreational waterway,
  • Dredging of hard indurated sands,
  • Strict environmental guidelines,
  • Pumping material up to 1,800m to the reclamation area,
  • Construction of rock revetment wall,
  • Many blockages from obstacles within the dredge areas
  • Managing the reclamation area materials, settlement ponds, & return water,
  • Interfacing the reclamation works with the civil works by JFM Civil Contracting.


GCTV – Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 Opening

The dredging operation involved the use of the cutter suction dredges, Nu-Compact and Nu-Enterprise.

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