Cadia Gold Mine Tailings Dredging

Mud/Silt/Sediment Removal / Relocation,
Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Maintenance.


Newcrest Mining Limited


Cadia Valley, NSW (Near Orange)

Project Fact Sheet

Tailings Dredging at Cadia Gold Mine

Newcrest Mining Ltd. contracted Neumann Dredging for the process water pond at Cadia Gold Mine in Orange, N.S.W.

We used the Nu Investigator cutter suction dredge for the project. The dredge was specially set up as a suction dredge and fitted with high-pressure water jets to loosen the material. Unfortunately, the pond had a high-Density Polythene liner, making it unsuitable to use a cutter or spud mounted dredge.

50,000m³ of sand and silts were removed from the pond and then pumped about 300 lineal metres and 15 metres static to a thickener.

The dredging of the material was made more difficult due to layers of harder material approximately 300-500mm thick throughout the depth of the sediments.

The Nu Discovery Cutter Suction Dredge has successfully removed sand, slimes, and mine tailings.

In harbour and river works, where the dredging team might encounter a variety of natural and dumped materials, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.

Neumann’s extensive dredging experience makes our dredges highly suited for various material types often encountered in flood prevention, and environmental rehabilitation works.

EASILY TRANSPORTED TO SITE: This unit is transportable in 2 x 40’ open top shipping containers to provide cost-effective mobilisation logistics when dismantled.

Cadia Gold Mine Tailings Dredging Project Image Gallery

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