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Cullen Bay, Darwin - Northern Territory

Bhagwan Marine Dredge Hire in Cullen Bay

Bhagwan Marine hired Neumann Dredging to design and build a 250mm cutter suction dredge, the Nu-Investigator and a 250mm booster station to complete 100,000m3 of maintenance dredging in the access channel to the Cullen Bay Ferry Terminal in Darwin.  

To achieve the desired results, Neumann Dredging modified the dredge specifically for the project by increasing the pump size to 300mm and fabricating a new extended 300mm ladder to increase the maximum dredging depth to 8 metres.

The Nu Investigator has worked on the following Projects:

  • Cullen Bay – Channel Maintenance,
  • Iluka Boat Harbour Dredging – Channel Maintenance,
  • Corrie Channel Dredging – Channel Maintenance,
  • Cabbage Tree Point Dredging – Channel Maintenance.

The Nu Investigator Cutter Suction Dredge has been successfully used for the removal of sand, slimes, and mine tailings.

In harbour and river works, where a variety of natural and dumped materials might be encountered, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.

Neumann’s extensive dredging experience makes our dredges highly suited for various material types often encountered in flood prevention and environmental rehabilitation works.


This unit is transportable in 2 x 40’ open top shipping containers to provide cost-effective mobilisation logistics when dismantled.

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