Canaipa Passage Dredging

Navigational Channel Maintenance,
River and Waterways,
Coastal Protection /Beach Nourishment.


Gold Coast Waterway Authority


Gold Coast Broadwater, QLD

Canaipa Passage Maintenance Dredging

The Gold Coast Waterway Authority commissioned Neumann Dredging to complete the dredging of 30,000m3 of sand from two areas from the Canaipa Passage in the Gold Coast Broadwater.

We used Neumann Contractors’ designed and built 450mm cutter suction dredge the Nu-Endeavour to undertake the dredging works.

As there was no access for land-based equipment, Neumann Contractors designed and built 250mm, three-wire, cutter suction dredge. The Nu-Discovery was modified to receive the 500mm delivery pipeline from the Nu-Endeavour and placed the sand following the beach design profile.

Canaipa Passage is a 13-kilometre secondary navigation channel between North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island in southern Moreton Bay. The channel is heavily used by a variety of recreational and commercial vessels, particularly during school holidays, as the calm waters offer protection to yachties and anglers and campers making their way to and from the increasingly popular Slipping Sands.

Canaipa Passage Dredging Project Image Gallery

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