Gold Coast Dredging Starts Soon

Gold Coast Dredging Starts Soon

South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging to commence soon!

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the dredging contract for South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging 2016 project, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The works involve the dredging the nominated shallow areas of the primary South Navigation Channel and the secondary South Wavebreak Island Channel.

There is a total of 42,400m3 to be removed from the channels. There is 32,000m3 to be dredged from the South Channel in between the Seaway and Wavebreak Island.  8,700m3 from the South Wavebreak Island Channel and a further 1,700m3 from the South Channel adjacent to the Spit Finger.

The sand will be used to re-nourish eroded areas of beach on Wavebreak Island and also on the Spit Finger.  Any surplus sand will pumped to Main Beach, just south of the sand pumping jetty.

Nu Endeavour SVG

The Nu Endeavour is a 450mm Cutter Suction Dredge It is 34.78m long and has a maximum digging depth of 15m. It has a total power of 1,454KW (1,500hp) and has the capacity of pumping up to 650m3 of sand per hour up to a distance of 1,000m.

The Cutter Suction Dredge Nu Endeavour has been sea-towed from Maroochydore to the Gold Coast.  Mobilisation to site will commence next week and dredging is set to start late April.

Dredging works are expected to take 9 weeks.

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