Dredging completed in Ramsgate Baths

Posted on 12/06/20

Ramsgate Baths Beach nourishment works all wrapped up. Neumann contractors has completed the dredging of Dolls Point for the Bayside council in Botany Bay - NSW

Bayside Council awarded Neumann Contractors the contract to dredge sand from Dolls Point to replenish the beach at Ramsgate Baths in Botany Bay NSW.

Though Council requested tenders for a cutter suction dredge Neumann submitted a proposal to use a dry feed hopper bin arrangement to produce a slurry and pump the sand the required 1.7 km. This methodology was chosen due to the Council’s desire not to excavate the beach at Dolls Point below the lowest astronomical tide level.

The Nu Discovery, a 250mm Non-Propelled Cutter Suction Dredge was used to complete the works. 

Due to the close proximity of sensitive seagrass beds, a floating 2 metre drop silt curtain was installed around the nourishment operation to prevent sediments from settling on the seagrasses.