Canaipa Passage Maintenance Dredging

Canaipa Passage Maintenance Dredging 2014

Neumann Dredging have commenced dredging works in the Canaipa Passage

Canaipa Passage is a 13 kilometre secondary navigation channel between North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island in southern Moreton Bay.  The channel is heavily used by a variety of recreational and commercial vessels particularly during school holidays as the calm waters offer protection to yachties and anglers in addition to campers making their way to and from the increasingly popular Slipping Sands.

Recent hydrographic surveys indicated that sand shoals are building up on the section of the channel between Cobby Cobby Island and North Stradbroke Island; however the locations of such shoals change from year to year due to the highly mobile nature of sediments in the region.  Erosion of high sand dune on Stradbroke Island at Slipping Sands continually feeds sand into the area which is being redistributed by tidal currents to form a flood tide shoal just north of slipping sands on the eastern side of the channel.  The shoal grows and is forced north subjecting the existing channel to infill.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have nominated two areas to be dredged to a depth of 2.5m below LAT (maximum depth of 2.8m below LAT).  The total material to be dredged is approximately 34,000m3.

The cutter suction dredge, “Nu Compact” has commenced works in the Southern Dredge Area B region adjacent to Slipping Sands.  All the dredged material will be delivered to the nominated beach nourishment location at Slipping Sands between 500 to 1,700 metres away.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Media Release

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