River Dredging

River dredging is a form of river restoration and river maintenance. Over time, sand, silt and debris flow downstream. Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon, which happens due to weathering, erosion and rivers carrying sediments. If not maintained, the materials accumulate and create a blockage. Consequently, this restricts natural river flow and makes the waters very shallow. As a result, rivers become inaccessible to larger ships. Additionally, during the heavy rain season, restricted river flow can cause flooding. Flooding may result in significant property damage, harm local businesses, and even be life-threatening.

Therefore, river dredging is necessary to maintain natural river flow and appropriate water depth to minimise the risk of potential disasters.

Corrie Channel Dredging

Corrie Channel Maintenance Dredging Commences

Corrie Channel Dredging and Beach Nourishment Ready to Start The Corrie Channel is situated at the confluence between the Lower Myall River and Port Stephens Estuary on the north-western side of Corrie Island.  The required dredge site itself is located approximately 2km from the town of Tea Gardens and approximately 4km from Hawks Nest. The Corrie Channel is the designated (NSW

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Maroochy Dredging - Completed

Maroochy Dredging – Completed

Maroochy Foreshore Replenishment Dredging 2016 Works All Wrapped Up The Maroochy River dredging and the associated beach nourishment works for 2016 has been successfully completed by Neumann Dredging. The works involved the dredging of 20,000m3 of clean sand from the Maroochy River and transferring the material through a permanent pipeline to the beach between Maroochydore SLSC and Alexandra Headland SLSC. The  Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

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