Sunshine Coast Motorway Link Road


Lensworth Kawana Waters Pty Ltd


Kawana, Qld

Sunshine Coast Motorway Link Road Project

Overview of Project

The Parrearra Canal Crossing Project involved the construction of a 5 prestressed concrete bridge over the Parrearra canal in the new residential subdivision at Kawana Waters. Neumann Contractors was commissioned by Lensworth Kawana Waters Pty Ltd to undertake the project as part of the overall civil works for the development.

Included in the project was approximately $4Million of bridgeworks including a prestressed concrete bridge structure and all the associated earthworks required to complete the structure.

Also included in the project was approximately $1.8Million worth of roadworks and stormwater drainage required to provide the approach pavements for the bridge structure.

The project was undertaken in an acid sulphate environment, with extensive treatment required during the earthworks phase to meet the strict environmental requirements.  Neumann’s had established technology on the Kawana project to help with fast and efficient treatment of acid sulphate soil which aided in the completion of this project.

Water quality was also an issue addressed by Neumann Contractors.  Due to the sensitivity of the environment and the projects proximity to the residential lots under construction great care had to be taken on all aspects of the construction of the bridge and the associated roadworks

Scope of Works

The scope of work included:

  • Prestressed concrete deck and kerb units,
  • Supply and erection of bridge barriers,
  • Bulk earthworks,
  • Rock protection,
  • Drainage structures,
  • Unbound pavement,
  • Sprayed bituminous surfacing,
  • Dense graded and stone mastic asphalt,
  • Roadside furniture including signage,
  • W-Beam safety barrier and noise barriers,
  • Removal of existing pavement and structures,
  • Acid sulphate soil treatment.


Some of the challenges met during construction of the bridge and associated roadworks included the following:

  • Bridge foundation works in the existing canal,
  • Treatment of acid sulphate soils in a confined worksite,
  • Monitoring and maintaining water quality on site,
  • Working adjacent to a residential subdivision with strict client demands on site presentation during construction.


Neumann Contractors provided an alternative design for the substructure as part of their tender submission.  This was accepted by the client and resulted in a cost saving of $300,000 to the project.

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