Steve Irwin Way – Road Duplication


Department of Transport and Main Roads


Steve Irwin Way, Glenview, Qld

Steve Irwin Way - Road Duplication

Overview of Project

Neumann Contractors were commissioned by the Department of Main Roads to undertake construction works at Steve Irwin Way on the Sunshine Coast. The works involved the duplication of more than 3 kilometres of roadway. The major scope of the contract included the construction of three intersections and two bridges. The project would provide the community with a safe four lane road from the Bruce Highway to just south of the Mooloolah Connection Road.

The combined value for the construction of both bridges totalled approximately $2.5 million.  The bridges comprised 30 piles, and 52 prestressed deck units.  Provision was made for sections of the bridgeworks were completed under traffic as per requirements of the contract.

The contract also included 107 street lights and 3 traffic signalled intersection.

The predominant issue throughout the course of the works was Traffic Control.  As a result of the duplication occurring across the North Side to the South Side of the works in several locations along with extensive rebuilding of the existing road, traffic control was paramount to ensure the safety of the public, and Neumann Contractors personnel. In addition, Neumann Contractors undertook traffic management planning to ensure the continued accessibility to local businesses and public facilities located within the work zone.

Scope of Works

The scope of work included:

  • Setting up and maintaining safe traffic control through the work zone for the duration of the project,
  • 11 Hectares of clearing and grubbing,
  • 57,000m2 of ground surface treatment,
  • Demolition of culverts and end structures,
  • Pipe culverts and box culverts,
  • Protection works to drainage structure outlets,
  • 10,000 metres of subsoil drains,
  • 45,000 m3 of road excavation and 51,000 m3 of road embankment,
  • Various Sub-grade treatments including rock replacement,
  • 18,000 m3 of pavement material, including cement stabilised,
  • 150,000 m2 of sprayed bitumen surfacing,
  • 60,000 tonnes of asphalt,
  • 20,000 m2 of profiling,
  • 3,000 m of tensioned wire rope barrier,
  • 107 street lights and permanent traffic control devices,
  • 3 Intersections with traffic signals,
  • Construction of 2 bridges.


Some of the challenges being met in the construction of the Steve Irwin Way Duplication include:

  • Traffic Control – Due to the nature of the widening there is a requirement for over a dozen traffic switches throughout the course of the works in order to prevent lane closures and ensure the safety of the public,
  • Subgrade conditions were predominantly poor.  Various subgrade treatment types needed to be used to bridge the poor ground conditions including up to 1.5 meters of wrapped rock.


As extensive roadworks, staged works occurred concurrently and required significant Traffic Control coordination. To prevent poor traffic flow a structure plan was implemented to enable rapid modification to traffic flow where the need occurred during peak flow periods.

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