Southwest 1 and Berrinba Wetlands


Logan City Council


Logan, Qld

Southwest 1 and Berrinba Wetlands Project

Overview of Project

The project involved the remediation of a decommissioned sand-mine of approximately 120 hectares which had been overrun with pest flora and fauna species. Neumann Contractors was commissioned by Logan City Council to undertake the works involving the rehabilitation and revegetation of the area.

A key objective of the project was to create a milestone development which provided a high level of commercial facilities whilst also improving the environmental value of the site. The retention and regeneration of the ecological characteristics of the site to its natural condition along with the provision of an area of superior community amenity and aesthetics was crucial.

The area now includes lakes, wetlands, tributaries, ponds, remnant vegetation and provides major habitats for native frogs, waterbirds and large tree dwelling mammals. The project was undertaken in two main works areas; the Mixed Industrial and Business Area and The Parkland and Wetland Area.

Best practice community engagement was maintained throughout the life of the project. Local business and government concerns were promptly addressed in every stage of the project.

Scope of Works

  • Preparation, maintenance, implementation, monitoring of all quality, OH&S environmental and traffic control,
  • Sediment and erosion control,
  • Relocation of fauna before clearing of the site,
  • Clearing and disposal of trees, vegetation and other debris from the site. All removed trees were mulched and reused on the site,
  • Construction of maintenance vehicle bridges, boardwalk crossings and decks,
  • Cut and fill of the site to the required levels including imported CBR15 fill materials and impact rolling of the site in preparation for construction activities,
  • Supply of materials and construction of a stormwater drainage system including gross pollutant traps and a stormwater reuse system,
  • Supply of materials and construction of portable and recycling water mains,
  • Supply of materials and construction of new park area, including turfing, all necessary furniture, signage and lighting,
  • Supply of materials and construction of a fully automated irrigation system,
  • Supply and installation of new street and pedestrian/cycleway lighting,
  • Supply and construction of new barrier and perimeter fencing,
  • Supply of materials and construction of pedestrian/cycleway pathways,
  • Supply of materials and construction of the new Road 1, 2 and 3 including line marking, roadside furniture, signage and lighting,
  • Detailed design, supply of all materials and construction of Keystone and Sandstone retaining walls,
  • Site landscaping works including the supply of materials, the planting and maintenance of planted areas including weed management,
  • Construction of architecturally designed recreational buildings with highly technical communication equipment including interactive touch screens with LCD displays and cameras.


The development of the Southwest1 site has resulted in the successful creation of an environmentally sustainable commercial enterprise area neighbouring an ecologically significant wetlands.

The successful completion of this project was formally recognised with the award of the CFF Earth Award for Excellence in Civil Construction – Category 4: Project Value between $20 – $75 Million.

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