Hope Island Road Duplication


Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads


Hope Island, Qld

The Duplication of Hope Island Road Project

Overview of Project

Hope Island Road is a major road that feeds into the northern end of the Gold Coast. It has a high traffic flow, and several businesses and landowners live and operate adjacent to or near the works.

Hope Island Road has been progressively upgraded to a dual carriageway over the years, and the section from Cova Boulevard to Boykambil was the remaining section. The contract required installing two major sets of traffic signals at Crescent Avenue and the newly constructed Mervyn Thomas Drive.

In addition, a two-lane service road was to be constructed to cope with future development along this section of Hope Island Road.

Scope of Works

The scope of work included:

  • Setting up and maintaining safe traffic control through the work zone for the duration of the project,
  • Clearing, grubbing and topsoil strip,
  • Removal and demolition of various drainage structures,
  • Removal and demolition of concrete kerb and channel,
  • Installation of approximately 4,400 metres of pipe and box culverts,
  • Installation of approximately 9,000 metres of subsoils drains,
  • Installation of approximately 10,700 metres of kerb and channel,
  • Approximately 9,300m3 of road excavation and 88,000m3 of road embankment,
  • Approximately 2,300m3 pavements,
  • Approximately 42,000 tonnes of asphalt plus associated sealing works,
  • Installation of traffic signals,
  • Road signs and line marking,
  • Landscaping.


Some of the challenges met during construction of the Service Roads included the following:

  • Reconstructing the pavement on the Sickle Avenue roundabout under live traffic,
  • Maintaining access to local residents and existing businesses throughout construction of the road,
  • Installation of drainage and gross pollutant traps in low lying sanding soils.


The project was completed three weeks ahead of the contractual completion date.

All quality objectives were achieved and scores awarded in the monthly relationship workshops remained high.

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