Nu Explorer in PNG

Nu Explorer in PNG

Dredge 11 Nu Explorer arrives in Papua New Guinea

After completing initial tests successfully, the newly manufactured dredge the Nu Explorer was shipped off to the OK Tedi Mine in Papua New Guinea.

Two 40 foots container housed the dredge, and an additional container of pipes was also sent. After the long trip up the Fly River, all containers arrived safely where they were unloaded and assembled.

Dredging will take place in the PCon pit at Ok Tedi Mine. Works will be on a 24/7 basis and expected to last at least 9 months.

The Nu Explorer is a 250mm Cutter Suction Dredge with a capacity of 325m3 per hour.  It can dredge to a maximum depth of 6.5m and can be easily manoeuvred with a 3 wire winching system on board the dredge

The dredge was designed so it can be assembled on the water, reducing the cranage requirements for launching and retrieving the vessel. Total dry weight of the assembled dredge is approx. 20.5 tonnes.  See the Vessel Profile for more information.

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