Dredge 8 at Cristal

Nu Compact Begins Long Term Works

Neumann Dredging Wins Dredging Works at Sand Mine

Neumann dredging’s cutter suction dredge “Nu Compact” has commenced dredging at a well established sand mine in Victoria. The mine owners will be operating the dredge 24/7 for a three year period, dredging raw material from the sand extraction areas for processing. Prior to delivery on site the dredge underwent significant refurbishment. The refurbishment included a new engine, transmission and pump, with extensive upgrades and customisation to the hydraulic, electrical and control systems. The dredge also received a new and improved larger control room. The Nu Compact is currently undertaking dredging on a continual 24/7 basis and is achieving the productivity and availability targets required.

Dredge 8 - Nu Compact Cutter Suction Dredge
Dredge 8 - Nu Compact Cutter Suction Dredge
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