Dredge 12 Iluka

Iluka Boat Harbour Dredging Commences

Dredging has begun in the Iluka Boat Harbour Approach Channels

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the contract to dredge the Iluka Boat Harbour and entrance channel by the New South Wales Department of Finance and Services for Trade & Investment – Crown Lands.

Works involves removing approximately 27,000m3 of marine sediment from the Iluka Boat Harbour and the approach channel up to a depth of -3.5m and pumping the material up to 2 km to a deposition area adjacent to Main Beach.

Due to the depositional environment of the boat harbour, sediments have gradually accumulated in parts of the harbour since construction. Therefore, maintenance dredging has been proposed to remove the accumulated sediment from both the navigation channels and within the boat harbour.  The dredging areas are frequently used by commercial fishing boats and other commercial and recreational vessels. The area to be dredged within the boat harbour is within close proximity to several yacht and commercial vessel moorings and wharves andthe Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-Op unloading wharf.

Nu Discovery SVG

The Nu Discovery (cutter suction dredge), a land based booster pump and support vessels have been mobilised to site.  The Nu Discovery is a new 250mm Cutter Suction Dredge ideally suited to this type of dredging working.  It can be easily transported to remote sites, when dismantled the entire unit can be transported in 2 x 40′ open top shipping containers.  

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