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Nu Bounty

DRG007 - Nu Bounty

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Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge

The Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge is a Neumann Series 350 Series dredge built by Neumann Equipment in the 1980s.  Since then it has undergone numerous refurbishments, upgrades and improvements.  The operational expertise built on our contract dredging experience enables us to constantly improve our equipment. This culture of innovation gives us the leading edge as dredging contractor of choice.

The Nu Bounty has evolved into a high technology cutting and recovery machine and has a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability in channel maintenance dredging, capital works marine dredging and in mining and resource dredging. 

The dredge is demountable and can be cost effectively transported to remote sites around Australia and overseas. The use of this dredge has proven to be a safe and cost effective method on mine sites for the relocation or reprocessing of tailings.

The Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge has been successfully used for the removal of sand, gravels, clays, muds, silts, slimes, weathered rock, and mine tailings.

In harbour and river works, where a variety of natural and dumped materials might be encountered, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.

Neumann’s extensive dredging experience also makes our dredges highly suited for a variety of material types often encountered in flood prevention and environmental rehabilitation works.

The Nu Bounty has worked on the following Projects:

Dredge 7 - Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge
Dredge 7 - Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge

Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge Specifications

Nu Bounty CSD Specifications

Length Overall41.30m
USL Class2E (smooth waters)
Owners NameNeumann Dredging
Owners AddressNuban St, Currumbin Qld 4223
HomeportCurrumbin, Qld
BuilderNeumann Equipment
Nominal Production Rate650m3/hr
Total Power1454 kW (1950 hp)
Power to Pumps1044 kW (1400 hp)
Pipeline Diameter500 mm
Digging Depth (min/max) 2.5m/20m
Bucketwheel Diameter 2.4m
Hull MaterialSteel
Superstructure MaterialSteel/Aluminium
Gross Weight240 Tonnes
Ship TypeDredge – Non Self-Propelled
Hull/Deck ColourGrey/Grey
Superstructure ColourWhite with Blue Trim
Dredge 7 - Nu Bounty Cutter Suction Dredge

The Nu Bounty has worked on the following Projects:

Liddell Power Station Fly Ash Dredging

Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Maintenance

Neumann Contractors were engaged by AGL Macquarie to dredge fly ash from a temporary storage facility to a permanent storage location at the Liddell Power Station. Neumann contractors designed and built 450mm cutter suction dredge the Nu Bounty was used for the project in conjunction with a 2,000 hp, Neumann built, 450mm booster station working 7 days per week.

Port Botany Container Terminal

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbours,
Navigation Channel Maintenance.

Port Botany Container Terminal Expansion was a major infrastructure project for the Sydney Port Corporation on the North Eastern end of Botany Bay, South Sydney N.S.W. The project was for the expansion of the existing container port terminal and involved capital dredging and land reclamation. Neumann Dredging employed their 450mm dredge NuBounty and 250mm dredge Nu Enterprise.

Port Kembla Tug Berth Dredging

Capital Works,
Ports and Harbour,
Navigational Channel Maintenance.

Neumann Dredging were engaged as dredging contractors for McConnell Dowell for the dredging works to construct a new tug boat berthing area for Port Kembla. The new tug berth area is to protect the tugs from extreme weather conditions by the means of extended break water out into the existing harbour.

Sydney Water Desalination Project

Capital Works Dredging,
Ports and Harbour,
River and Waterways Dredging.

Dredging works associated with the Botany Bay pipeline crossing, which was part of the construction of Sydney’s DeSal plant at Kurnell, Southern Sydney. When completed water from the desalination plant will be piped to the City Water Tunnel at Erskineville. This is part of the Potts Hill Water system, which services areas south of Sydney Harbour, to Bankstown in the west and Sutherland in the south.

Caval Ridge Tailings Dredging

Mud/Silt/Sediment Removal / Relocation

Neumann dredging were contracted by BMA to remove 475,00m3 of mud from the open cut coal mine as part of preparation for reopening the pit.  As the pit had been disused for some time, mud had been carried into the pit from surface runoff and accumulated in the pit floor.

Cudgen Lakes Resource Dredging

Resource Dredging,
Sand Mining.

370,000 m3 of sand from Cudgen Lakes to raise the existing surface level of the adjacent Kingscoast Estate by 3m. The sand was dredged from Cudgen Lakes Sand Quarry by Neumann Dredging designed and built 450mm bucketwheel cutter suction dredge the ‘Nu-Bounty’ and then pumped up to 2,000m under a busy road to the site.

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